Essential Resources on Race Within a Biblical and Practical Context

We’ve included some essential resources on race within a Biblical and practical context that will deepen your understanding about this deep-rooted problem that continues to exist in our nation and within the church

We hope these conversations will encourage you to learn more, and in doing so, challenge you to examine your own life and commit to showing others love in action — just like Jesus.


David Oyelowo and Dr. Drew Sams at BelAir Church

David Oyelowo and Dr. Drew Sams at BelAir Church

Actor David Oyelowo and Senior Pastor Drew Sams of Bel Air Presbyterian Church discuss the race problem in America from a Biblical, practical, personal, and socially conscious perspective.

The Human Race

The Human Race

Senior Pastor Dudley Rutherford of Shepherd Church preaches a sermon entitled, “The Human Race” in response to the tragic death of George Floyd.

TD Jakes and Carl Lentz Interview

Bishop T.D. Jakes & Pastor Carl Lentz Discuss Racism in America

A powerful discussion on racism in America and the practical steps the church can take to minister to the needs of the black community.

A Conversation on Race and Restoration in the Body of Christ

A Conversation on Race + Restoration with Dr. Anita Phillips

Dr. Anita Phillips and Christine Caine | This discussion explores the psychology behind dehumanization while also providing a Kingdom perspective of what true racial unity and restoration looks like in the body of Christ.

Pastor Dudley and Ricky Jenkins

Pastor Dudley talks with Pastor Ricky Jenkins of Southwest Church

Founder of Dream of Destiny, Pastor Dudley Rutherford and Pastor Ricky Jenkins of Southwest Church talk about America’s racial divide and building bridges.

Race and the Gospel

Race And the Gospel

RightNow Media presents “Race and the Gospel” a five-part series on race, racism, and injustice, lead by Pastors Bryan Loretta and Matt Chandler that will explore the topic of race and reconciliation in reflecting on book of Ephesians and the hope of the gospel.