Dream of Destiny

Empowering Leaders to Cultivate Unity and Diversity in the Church


We believe that fostering unity and diversity in the church is an intentional and continual journey that should not be centered around a current national crisis or initiative and then forgotten. We help pastors and ministry leaders build and embed an organizational culture that reflects heaven here on earth — a diverse mix of people from various races, nationalities, socio-economic backgrounds, and experiences that are united before God and share a common purpose. (Rev. 7:9-10)

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Dear Brothers and Sisters
In Christ,

When we see a culturally and racially diverse church here on earth, it is one of the closest pictures of what Heaven is going to look like.

Although we as a Church have fallen short of this harmonious and racially diverse mission, I believe that it’s never too late for churches, pastors, and ministers to reach out to their communities and to foster diversity within their own staff, elder boards, and congregations.

Dudley Rutherford



Dream of Destiny offers two pillars of support to help leaders navigate through this rewarding, but oftentimes complex landscape.

We provide:



Resources and a network to help you become more knowledgeable and intentional about championing diversity and inclusion within your church or organization.


Communications Support

Provide consultative support to help you better communicate the good news of Jesus Christ cross-culturally to reach those hurting and in need in urban areas throughout your local community.

“It is appalling that the most segregated hour of Christian America is 11 o’clock on Sunday morning.”

— Dr. Martin Luther King


Lisa McGloiry

Lisa L. McGloiry, J.D., Executive Director

Lisa McGloiry is a passionate and creative visionary and leader who directed communications, marketing, and public relations for corporate, faith-based, and non-profit entities for over 25 years. Before joining Dream of Destiny, Lisa served as the Communications Director at Shepherd Church.

Lisa is excited to advance the Dream of Destiny initiative because she believes that breaking down racial barriers in America starts by following the “Jesus Model” — having conversations, learning the life stories of others, embracing differences, showing empathy to those who hurt, confronting social injustices, and serving those in need. Dream of Destiny is committed to fostering true diversity and inclusion by adopting these same principles.

Lisa is a preacher’s kid (PK). She and her family served for many years as missionaries in Monrovia Liberia, West Africa.  Lisa graduated with an undergraduate degree in legal studies at the University of Maryland (UC) before earning her Juris Doctor degree from Concord Law School, Purdue University Global.  In her spare time, Lisa is a conference speaker and communications consultant.  Lisa lives in Los Angeles with her husband Michael, stepson Blair, and a terrier named Charlie. Lisa loves music, Salsa dancing, jogging, animals, and all things purple.

For more information about Dream of Destiny, or to have Lisa speak at your organization, please contact her directly at lmcgloiry@shepherdchurch.com