Global Partnerships - What we support Globally

Asia - India, Indonesia, Philippines, Tokyo, Vietnam, middle Eastern and other secured countries*

We support 12 Global Partners serving in various countries in Asia. Our Global Partners serve 5+ unreached people groups, sharing scripture in their language and cultural context. We impact communities with clean water, education, medical care, discipleship, resource center - including 1st community library, youth and campus ministry, and so much more. We are proud to support efforts to end human trafficking in this region. 

Africa - Ghana, North Africa*, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Uganda
We support 7 Global Partners serving in various countries in Africa. Our Global Partners serve in bible translation; clean water; family, marriage, blended-family counseling and resourcing; church planting; discipleship; and caring for children in various ways. 

Europe – Re-evangelization of Europe Czech, France, Poland, Spain
We support 4 Global Partners serving in discipleship and the re-evangelization of Europe 

North America - Dominican Republic, Haiti, United States
We support 10 Global Partners serving in Bible translation, campus ministry, ending human-trafficking, foster children, veterans, and Men's discipleship. We support 3 organizations dedicated to protecting the life of the unborn, and 3 Christian education institutions. Our Global Partners in the Dominican Republic serve their community with prenatal, newborn, parenting and preschool resources, classes and encouragement. In Haiti, we support an organization providing holistic aftercare for boys rescued from sexual exploitation and trafficking. 

*Secured location