Gloves for Grief "Punching Our Pain Into Purpose"

"Punching Our Pain Into Purpose" is a healthy way to address the mind, body, and soul of people grieving. 

Gloves for Grief is an action-packed event held all over Southern California that includes training on shadow boxing and bag work followed by a time of cool down, stretching, and breathing. Those who attend will enjoy live music, connection, and community. 

This event will be led by Terra Picket and Ashley Guarrasi, the co-founders of this ministry. Ashley Gurarrasi is a boxing instructor and Certified Nike Trainer.

Movement and fitness provide a healthy physical release for grief where no words are needed. 

Space is limited.

Porter Ranch Campus

Victor Peña
(818) 831-9333

Porter Ranch Location / Courtyard

Date / Time
  • Saturday, May 25, 2024 @ 9:00 AM

Join us for our fist ever Gloves for Grief. This gathering is designed to help you release your grief. It’s about punching your pain into purpose.