Glimpse of the Afterlife

What do you think of when you hear the word, heaven? People in white togas playing harps? Babies with wings that bounce from cloud to cloud? Reunions with loved ones? Most people believe in heaven, and assume they’re going to heaven. However, few know what heaven is like or how to get there. This uplifting 4-part series, Glimpse of the Afterlife, shares what the Bible says about heaven and gives precise directions on how to get there. ****Note: Lesson 1 will be posted to the website on Saturday, 4/6****

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Glimpse of the Afterlife | Lesson 1: Beyond Halos, Harps, & Hymns

Week 1 |

The most recent studies show that a majority of people believe in some kind of an afterlife. Everyone wants to go to heaven, but unfortunately, few know how to get there. In week 1 of “Glimpse of the Afterlife,” Adrianna Cervantes talks to us about what heaven is and how heaven shouldn’t just impact your future, but also how you live today!

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