Deep Water

Water is a significant element in our world. God used water to create the earth. About 70% of the earth’s surface is covered in water. Our bodies are mostly comprised of water, and yet, we can hardly survive more than 3 days without water. However, throughout scripture, God used water for deep purposes. Whether it was miraculously flowing from a rock, being walked on by Jesus, or used in baptism, God leveraged water to encourage our faith. No matter where you are in your faith journey, take the plunge with us in our new series, Deep Water, because sometimes, God uses water to build our faith.

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Deep Water | Lesson 1: River of Living Water

Week 1 |

Welcome to the first week of our new series, “Deep Faith.” Over the next 7 weeks, you’re going to hear about how God uses water to build and strengthen our faith. Caleb Kaltenbach helps us begin this series as we eavesdrop on a conversation between Jesus and a woman by a well. While she ventured to the well for her daily water, Jesus will offer her living water… and He’s offering us the same… all we need is true faith!

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Deep Water | Lesson 2: Water Walking

Week 2 |

When was the last time that you took a risk or “leap of faith” that scared you? This week, you’re going to observe Peter doing the seemingly impossible—imitating Jesus by walking on water. As you learn more about Peter strolling on the water, you’re also going to meet Carlos Romero. You’ll be encouraged and challenged by his testimony and the steps of faith he had to take. Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to pray about the next step of faith that you need to take.

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Deep Water | Lesson 3: Naaman the Leper

Week 3 |

As we continue to venture into deeper water, we’re going to encounter a military leader named Naaman who is dunking himself several times in the Jordan River. Mandie Pinto-Czarnecki joins us to not only help us understand why Naaman would do such a thing, but to share a part of her family’s testimony. While there’s little doubt you’ll be convinced that God is the Great Healer, we hope even more so that you’ll look upon Him as the Gracious Savior!

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Deep Water | Lesson 4: Jesus Washing Feet

Week 4 |

You’d probably agree that if someone knows death is approaching, that person’s final words and actions are of tremendous importance. Well, on the last evening of Jesus’ earthly life, He shocks His disciples by washing their feet before dinner. But why? Victor Pena suggests that we think deeper about this passage because how we apply this passage to our lives impacts our faith and the faith of others.

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Deep Water | Lesson 5: Baptism is the Beginning

Week 5 |

Perhaps one of the most well known uses of water in scripture is the act of baptism. In week 5 of “Deep Water” Dusty Frizzell unpacks the meaning, function, practicality, and significance of baptism. If you’ve been baptized, be prepared to learn more about baptism and be challenged to share your faith. Hopefully, if you’ve never been baptized, you’ll be inspired to consider taking the plunge for Jesus!

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Deep Water | Lesson 6: Water from a Rock

Week 6 |

As we go deeper into this series, we’re confronted with a lesson about water that’s set in the desert. The Israelites were worried that God wouldn’t provide for their needs—specifically, their need for water. Caleb Kaltenbach returns to help us answer this question: How do you strengthen your faith when you feel like God isn’t providing for your needs?

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