Mastering Your Marriage

This class provides engaged and married couples with best practices and comprehensive tools to develop strong and divorce- proof marriages. This class is designed to be fun, as we look for ways to better understand ourselves, our partner, and our current or future marriage.

Because it is our desire to make Mastering Your Marriage as meaningful as possible, the following requirements will help maximize your experience.

Each couple will be asked to:

Attend at least seven of the eight classes in order to graduate.

Complete short homework assignments each week along with supplemental reading.

Commit to one TV free evening each week during the duration of the class.

Mission Statement | Abundant Life Christian Counseling has partnered with Shepherd Church to provide couples a safe haven to come together and learn how to grow in their relationship with each other. Mastering Your Marriage is a bible-based class dedicated to applying God’s truth and the latest in research to give couples practical tools to love each other and build life-long marriages.

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