Our focus is to have the Bible translated in every language by 2033. Join us as we fund Bible translation for people around the world who need the Gospel in their native tongue. Shepherd will match every dollar up to $10,000. 3707 languages are still waiting for a translation.

It is our prayer that the Word of God will be translated in every language by 2033.

3707 Languages are still in need of translation

 * Americas/ Pacific - 1737 languages | 919 translation projects completed | 818 languages waiting for translation

 * Africa - 2011 languages | 683 translation projects completed | 1328 languages waiting for translation

 * Asia / Middle East - 2293 languages | 732 translation projects completed | 1561 languages waiting for translation

 * 167 million people don't have any scripture in their language. 

 * 350+ sign languages are still waiting for a video Bible translation to start.

 * 1.5 billion people don't have a complete Bible in their language.

A man asked William Cameron Townsend “If your God is so great, why doesn't he speak our language?" Today we ask ourselves "How can all people know our GREAT GOD" the answer is still - HIS WORD!

Millions of people are still waiting for a single verse of the Bible's life-transforming power in their language. Let's help churches and communities around the world get Scripture in their language... until all the nations worship!

Shepherd Church is currently funding translation work in the Sahara Desert, China & Japan.

To learn more visit our sources: IlluminationsWycliffe