Upcoming Fundraising Opportunities

Aid and Relief -Ukraine

Shepherd is partnering with a handful of relief agencies and Global Partners on the ground in Ukraine and bordering nations serving displaced persons and refugees. All donations going directly to provide basic housing, transportation, toiletries for Ukrainian families.
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Basic Needs

"Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven." Jesus invites us to make such a Bold Impact in the lives of others that it causes people to praise God. Check out some of the ways that Shepherd Global Partners are making a Bold Impact around the world for Jesus. Our priorities are clean water, medical care, education, and freedom from labor and/or sexual exploitation.
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Be-friend an international student or refugee family. Make a global impact without ever leaving your community. Most internationals, students or refugees, are eager to meet you, a local, who can help them navigate our culture, cuisine, language, and even take them to see some amazing sights.
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Believers - In Unreached Places

Communities in the world that have never heard about Jesus are considered unreached. A variety of barriers delay access to these communities and make sharing the gospel challenging. There are about 7.84 billion people in the world today, with 17,409 known people groups. 7,402 OF THOSE GROUPS ARE CONSIDERED UNREACHED. The unreached communities do not have a viable church, scripture in their language, or anyone to share the Gospel with them.
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Bible Translation

Our focus is to have the Bible translated in every language by 2033. Join us as we fund Bible translation for people around the world who need the Gospel in their native tongue. Shepherd will match every dollar up to $10,000. 3707 languages are still waiting for a translation.
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