Lagos, Nigeria
Shepherd is helping to sponsor several outreach events through a sister church in Lagos, Nigeria that will result in leaders being sent out to make disciples throughout the year. If you would like to contribute towards this project you can by clicking on the Donate button.

Pray for the City

We will have monthly guided prayer times for each of the 30 Cities at

If you haven't already done so, you can click here to register to pray for Lagos. Just choose Lagos from the dropdown list.

Send Bibles

We are providing Bibles in the official languages of Nigeria at a cost of $5.30 per Bible.

If you would like to donate a Bible you can by clicking here

Give to a City Project

Shepherd is helping to sponsor several outreach events through The Orchard Group's church plant in Lagos ( The name of the church is City Church Lagos ( The outreach events planned are:

  1. Lagos Questions Christianity on March 9, 2018 and November of 2018. These two events are specifically geared towards addressing Lagosian like objections to Christianity.
  2. Single and Searching in June of 2018. 70% of Lagos' population are under 35, most of them are single, unfulfilled and have an idolatrous view of relationships and marriage.
  3. Married and Unfulfilled in August of 2018. Unhealthy marriages are the greatest indicator of nominal Christians who form the largest bloc of our target audience. Ignorance of the biblical view of marriage is rife and we've seen particular success at City Church in providing counsel that's healed many unhealthy marriages.
  4. Christianity and Technology in September of 2018. Lagos has its own mini, Silicon Valley in the city, made up of a lot of young savvy computer programmers and budding venture capitalists and angel investors. These individuals are usually futuristic in their worldview, which has no place for their parents' Christianity, but are very open to listening to a good argument.

The total cost of all of these outreach events is $14,285. We are asking each of our members to give one day's pay in November, above and beyond your regular tithe and offering, to help support an event in each of the megacities that our partners are working in.