We want to present you with your baptism certificate in person and a give you a Pillars Gift Card. We present these monthly at our Next Steps with the Pastors events. You can sign up for that event at the following link:


At this Next Steps event, we will give you "next steps" for your continued spiritual growth. One of those steps should be a discipleship class or group. We have a discipleship group beginning on Saturdays, May 11th, before our Saturday evening church service. You can sign up for the discipleship class at the following link.


You can sign up for this discipleship class even if you are unable to attend the Next Steps event.

In love,

Dudley C. Rutherford

Senior Pastor

P.S. If you can't attend either of these events, let us know so that we can arrange another time to present you with your baptismal certificate.

Porter Ranch Campus

(818) 832-3405


Date / Time

Registration closed on Saturday, May 11, 2019