Going Global?  Let’s GO, Let's do it, together!

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Eph 2:10

International Internship 6 to 9 months plus training and Debrief

Service Areas to Consider: 

Bible Translation - Learn about bible translation and become an advocate. Raise awareness, funds and other advocates; help us reach our goal to have one piece of scripture in every language by 2033. Use social media, meet with churches across the nation, until every language has a portion of scripture in their native tongue. Work closely with Illuminations, Pioneer Bible Translators and Wycliffe SIL. 

Campus Ministry - Serve alongside our Global Partners, sharing God's Word and love with university students in Tokyo. Local opportunity exists to work with university students at Cal State Northridge, Pierce College or College of the Canyons. 

Church Planting in unreached places - Learn about unreached people groups and partner with our Global Partners to bring God's Word to a community for the first time in history. Working through Asia Pacific International, Iberoamerican Ministries or Team Expansion. 

Discipleship - Serve alongside our Global Partners sharing God's Word, practicing spiritual disciplines in community,  baptizing new believers and teaching them to obey everything Jesus commanded. Learn how to strengthen the body of Christ in Indonesia with Bethesda Hospital MED GO team; Kenya with Larry and Ginny Niemeyer, Poland with Vance and Jenn and Spain with Ricardo and Luz.

Education- Serve, teach and love on children around the world. Locations available include India, Indonesia, Jericho and Uganda. Partners you will serve with Central Indian Christian Mission; International Friends of Compassion, Seeds of Hope; and Wells of Hope, respectively.

End Human Trafficking locally or abroad - Learn and serve organizations working to end the exploitation of people. Organizations we partner with include Dressember, Forever Found; International Justice Mission; Saving Innocence, Slavery No More; Treasures, and Zoe International.

Medical - Learn how medical care is provided in rural and remote places. General medical, optical, Dental; tuberculosis and leprosy treatment and rehabilitation; HIV/AIDS treatment, education and prevention. India, Indonesia, Jericho, and Iraq.

Local Internship 6 to 9 months, plus training and debrief

Engage with the international community, learn what brought them to the U.S. and earn the conversation to share God's love.

Campus Ministry - Serve alongside our Global Partners, sharing God's Word and love with university students in our neighborhoods, Cal State Northridge; Pierce College; or College of the Canyons. 

English and Coffee - Practice conversational English with an international looking to improve their language abilities and vocabulary. 

Be-A-Friend - Help a Refugee settle in a new community. Partner with Samaritan's Purse to help a refugee individual or family find their way in a new city, assist with housing, job hunting, government assistance programs and much more. 

For more information email Linda Kohn or call at 818-831-9333 Extn. 2247