3 Reasons Why A Diversity Calendar Helps Your Church Connect With Community

By Lisa McGloiry

As a pastor, ministry leader, or communications director, I’m sure you have already etched in stone this year’s church calendar that includes the 52-week sermon series, promotional campaigns, and events. 

And yet, although your annual church calendar may be set, it’s still not too late to include some of the many national observances that occur throughout the year. These are special days, weeks, or months that showcase all American’s various achievements and reflect the rich diversity that is a hallmark of our great nation.

Here are three key benefits of incorporating National Observances in your church calendar this year:

I. Communicates to your members, guests, and community that your church is intentional about diversity.

II. Increases engagement, cross-cultural awareness, and better understanding among your church staff and congregation.

III. Helps raise awareness of the various ministries in your church that correspond to specific national observances. (For example, if you have a Recovery ministry, consider promoting it during National Recovery Month in September or in October during National Substance Abuse Prevention Month.)

An annual calendar is best when it is customized to incorporate various holidays and national observances in tangent with a church’s special weekend services, promotions, and events. That’s why it’s so important to make diversity a topic of discussion when planning for the new year, so your church can better connect with your community whether in person or online.

Download Dream of Destiny's 2022 Diversity Calendar here.