Baptism Class

In this class, we will cover four things you need to know and three things you need to do before you are baptized. Then for those who are ready, you can schedule a time and date for your baptism.

Bridges Course
This is an online self-study course offered by the Crescent Project. It is designed to help you better love and share the gospel with our Muslim neighbors. The Crescent Project has been working with Muslim people around the world since 1993 and has equipped over 300,000 Christians to serve the Islamic world. We encourage you to grow your missional mind by taking this course!

Defender's Ministry
The Defender's Ministry will help you to answer the many questions that arise when you share your faith with others. In addition to communicating "what" you believe, you'll learn "why" you believe along with evidence to better support your faith in Jesus Christ.
Contact | Jackie Dagg at 866.288.6597 to learn more.

Next Steps 
New Sessions Begin every month on Sundays at 11:00 a.m.
Next Steps is a four-week online experience! It is designed to help you find your “Next Steps” here at Shepherd Church. Each of the four steps is a 60-minute interactive session on Zoom. You’ll learn how to connect with God, the church, and others.

Zume Online Discipleship Training

This is an online training designed to help you be a disciple worth multiplying. In the first few sessions you learn how to share your story, God's story (the gospel), be regular in Bible reading and prayer, and even how to baptize someone. Then in a later session, you will learn how to lead a group in your home, office, neighborhood, wherever God leads you to begin. You can join on line group at the following link.

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